August, 2017

Dear Beloved Ones,

    God's richest blessings to you in Christ's name. We are pleased to make available the updated catalog for Emmaus Road Bible Fellowship. This first update since our 2011 catalog includes information on all of the publications, CDs and MP3s that are currently available for purchase from our bookstore.

    Note that there are several publications and teachings that have been done since our previous catalog. Of particular note is a new book and teachings on Romans. During the summer of 2015, I retaught and expanded upon Romans material that was originally published in a two-volume set nearly twenty years ago. The five one-day seminars in 2015 resulted in a new publication: Romans: The New Life of Liberty. This replaces the original volumes of Romans. You can also purchase the corresponding CDs and MP3s from these seminars. Romans: The Foundation of Freedom seminar syllabus continues to be available, as are the seminar CDs and MP3.

    We also want to point out that Supplemental Studies on Our Identification with Christ now includes all five of the Identification with Christ seminars that were taught between 2011 and 2014. This volume serves as a companion to the original Our Identification with Christ seminar. CDs and MP3s are also available for Supplemental Studies.

    One final item that we want to bring to your attention: The 33 Books PDF files on CD has been retitled as 53 Studies and contains all of the publications that are now available from the bookstore. If you purchased the original 31 or 33 Books CD and wish to upgrade, you can purchase a new 53 Studies for $50.00.

    We trust all the bookstore materials will continue to enrich your lives.

    With much love in Christ,

Ken and Darlene Petty

Catalog introduction from Ken and Darlene Petty
© Copyright August 2017